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iOS App Icon Brainstorming Sheet

July 16, 2013 Software / Apps

There was an awesome talk at WWDC called “Best Practices for Great iOS Design,” and the first 20 minutes were solely about designing the app icon. One of the slides showed dozens of hand drawn iterations of a home screen icon. This inspired me to create a storyboard-style worksheet for brainstorming and refining new app icons. […]

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iOS 7 release date and app submission

July 16, 2013 Software / Apps

I keep getting asked, over and over, “When’s iOS 7 come out?” The answer, according to Apple, is Fall. I translate that to mean mid-September to early October. I decided to do a bit of research, which turned into this blog post. Spoiler: conservatively, 3rd party apps need to be ready towards the end of […]

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Dinner, Not Art: dish of the day

August 17, 2012 Software / Apps
Dinner, Not Art - dinosaur (thumbnail)

Kraft Mac & Cheese created the Dinner, Not Art iPad app to save millions of noodles that would otherwise be wasted in the name of arts and krafts in kindergartens across the country. In the 2 months since launching, users have donated almost 10 million noodles to Feeding America by creating unique macaroni art on […]

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Mobile App Hackathon Winners

August 12, 2012 Software / Apps
Crystalize app icon

Crystalize app takes silver at international software challenge

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Mac and Cheese is Dinner, Not Art

July 21, 2012 Software / Apps
Dinner, Not Art iPad app - thumbnail

A new iPad app we created at CP+B lets you make macaroni masterpieces, while donating to the hungry.

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Jiggle-It gettin props

November 5, 2011 News
JELL-O Jiggle-It app for iPhone and iPad wins FWA Mobile pick of the Day

JELL-O’s new app features a dancing cube that gets busy to your own music, and now it’s featured as FWA’s Mobile of the Day.

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Carrots keep crunching

October 4, 2011 News
IAB MIXX Awards 2011

Xtreme Xrunch Kart, the world’s first crunch powered game, takes home a trophy from the IAB Mixx awards.

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You’ve seen JELL-O jiggle – now watch it bump & grind

September 30, 2011 News
JELL-O Jiggle-It app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

JELL-O Jiggle-It app lets you watch a JELL-O cube dance to the beat of your favorite songs. Country. Hip-Hop. Krunk. JELL-O dances to them all.

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EpicMix nominated for Appy Award

February 17, 2011 News
EpicMix iPhone app nominated for Appy Award

Vail’s iPhone app was nominated as one of the best three sports apps of 2010.

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EpicMix Launch

January 30, 2011 News

EpicMix is a futuristic take on skiing and snowboarding, which tracks your slope activity as part of an iPhone-enabled adventure.

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Xrunch Kart going like gangbusters

November 30, 2010 News
World's first carrot-powered iPhone game chosen as FWA's mobile pick of the day.

The world’s first carrot-powered iPhone game was featured on the front page of the New York Times and chosen as FWA’s mobile pick of the day.

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World’s first carrot-crunch fueled game

September 20, 2010 News
Xtreme Xrunch Kart - Carrot crunch iPhone game

Grab your iPhone and a bag of carrots, then start shredding in this crunch-powered rocket ride.

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Put that phone in Movie Mode

July 21, 2010 News
Thumbnail image for Put that phone in Movie Mode

Best Buy’s Movie Mode app connects phones with movie screens.

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You know you love it

June 27, 2010 News
Kraft, CP+B unveil the mac-and-cheese cam

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese runs the world’s first emotionally aware ad.

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iPhone App wins President Award

February 9, 2010 Featured
2009 Dolphins Football, iPhone app from the Miami Herald

The Miami Herald’s parent company awarded it’s highest honor to an iPhone app – “In recognition of the evolving news landscape.”

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