Remix Hotel Footage

by Justin on April 5, 2009 · 1 comment

Justin, Allie, Davor and Ivana created these amazing visuals alongside DJs Bad Boy Bill and Hatiras at Remix Hotel 2009.

Watch the video:
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As Eyezeeu (Alejandra Santamaria) and Ivana Magdic dance to the music, the video is captured and processed by Davor Magdic’s InDaViz software. He controls filters to accentuate their moves in real time, which is then passed on to Justin. Kent blends this video stream together with his VJ content, which is mixed and scratched to the beat with his patented EJ MIDI Turntable. By combining these two streams, we get a single video that contains psychedelic dancing over throbbing visuals, all perfectly synched to the beat.

This is my original version from YouTube, it has more of the Bad Boy Bill set: