What’s next?

by Justin on April 10, 2007 · 2 comments

With a US Patent in hand on his MIDI Turntable, the reinventor of the modern turntable Justin Kent gets introspective: “Who’s the right partner for the next version of the MIDI Turntable? Should I make a deal or keep it on a shoestring? Which company is the most logical fit?” You can help decide. Read on to comment.Justin has developed a new type of music technology: the world’s first MIDI Turntable. This allows DJs to express themselves in a potentially UNLIMITED way. Sound is no longer the final frontier: video, lighting, and interactivity are changing music in the 21st century. Because MIDI is an open standard, pioneering DJs are limited only by their imagination in how they use their skills. The art of DJing has evolved since it’s inception, and the best DJs use the turntable not just as a record player, but as a musical instrument. The advent of a MIDI Turntable heralds a new dawn: a day in which the DJ is acknowledged not as a human jukebox, but as a true musician.Let’s hear from Justin what will make a good partner. “My plan is to move beyond the product; we’re becoming the platform. Therefore, a good fit for EJ Enterprises owns the entire content stream: from production, to post, to distribution. Companies like Sony and Apple are good examples, but there are less obvious ones that have a huge network and a need for fresh product.” Why partner at all? “Money always helps, but the team is the number one thing. Smart money. We want to work with people that have an overpowering drive to make a difference.”Justin is now soliciting feedback. To voice your own opinion, leave a comment or a ping.