As Seen On TV

by Justin on December 3, 2005 · 3 comments

You’ve seen it all before… or have you?

Not until you’ve seen the new DVD album from EJ K, ‘As Seen On TV’ – a wild 55-minute ride through today’s most innovative, sexy, and throbbingly dance-friendly music videos, blended together seamlessly with a garnish of fresh ScratchTV rerubs. Mixed and scratched, chopped & screwed, copy-pasted as only one man can… Justin Kent is back, and with this new release, he won’t be able to stay underground much longer.

Kent’s best DVD to date, ‘As Seen On TV’ is a masterwork… hailed as an instant classic, it spans genres, tempos, styles, and does it in an evolutionary flourish that leaves even the most hyped up superstar DJs in the dust. Stepping up the inventiveness is a special ‘Pod-Drop’ feature that lets owners of Apple’s (mac) new video iPod drag & drop the mix directly to iTunes and download it instantly to their mobile player. The bootleg disc includes up & comers, chart-toppers, undercover OGs, mainstream mashups, garage-pop remixes… and it’s not available in any store. Although the set draws viewers in with a unique punked-up electro-funk music video hybrid, the eclectic but cohesive journey ends in a political thrust that makes you realize there’s much more to this kid than ‘just the music’. He’s not afraid to speak his mind, and he won’t stop at making you dance. This is his platform, and he’s setting the stage for a coup.

Kent started his career by inventing the worlds first MIDI Turntable – now he’s releasing an incendiary DVD that will be looked back on as catalytic – it makes you wonder what else may be brewing in this mad scientist’s lab. Keep your televisions tuned to Channel K…