Curriculum Vitae

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Justin Kent



August 2007 – Atlanta Hip Hop Film Festival – Atlanta, GA
Technology Upgrade – iPods and cell phones are just 2 of the many new outlets that filmmakers can use to distribute films. How do you produce films for new media? How do you protect your work and your rights? How do you determine which distribution outlet is best for your project?

August 2007 – International DJ Expo – Atlantic City, NJ
Video Ventures – Video has emerged as the most exciting frontier in live entertainment. New software, hardware and content are being developed each year for a variety of DJ-related applications.

March 2007 – Remix Hotel – Miami, FL
Let’s Get Visual – VJ showcase and talk.

March 2007 – Winter Music Conference – Miami, FL
The Visual Music: Past, Present, and Future – The roots of visual music and future technology trends projected to be of crucial importance in the years ahead.

February 2007 – ‘Beyond the CD’ Music Law Conference – University of Florida’s Levin College of Law, Gainesville, FL
New Distribution – What channels are today’s musicians using to connect with their fans?

September 2006 – Vegas Music Conference – Las Vegas, NV
VJ & the Art of Video Music – Renowned DJs share their views on how multimedia visuals can enhance their shows.

August 2006 – International DJ Expo – Atlantic City, NJ
Video: The DJ’s Next Frontier – DJs & VJs tell their stories & demonstrate some of the industry’s latest video gear.

August 2006 – Entrepreneur Fair / 3 year Anniversary – Disney/SBA National Entrepreneur Center, Orlando, FL
Featured Speaker – “Local Success Story”

March 2006 – Winter Music Conference – Miami, FL
Visual Music: DJs VJs – the Visual Side of the Sound Arts
Real world challenges of artistic collaboration, promotion, management & ethics of DJs & VJs working closely together.

January 2005 – Music Law Conference – University of Florida’s Levin College of Law, Gainesville, FL
Digital Music – The new era of Creative Commons and what it means for recording artists, copyright ownership, and the listening public

November 2003 – AV Festival – Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
EJ Exploration – Real-time video performance software.

March 2003 – Club Systems International – Las Vegas,NV
A Different Kind of Jock – Future horizons of musical performance, VJing, DJing, and how it relates to club owners / installers

February 2002 – Digital Utopia / Digital Distopia – UCLA
Standard Art Protocol – A specification which allows interaction and communication between individual pieces of art. Panel session led by Lev Manovich

August 2001 – Siggraph – Los Angeles, California
Permanent Shutdown: Experiments in Interaction – Anti-Interactive Art, art which as a product of its interaction produces a harmful or undesirable effect, intentionally meant to minimize the chance of interaction.


1996-2001 – Massachusetts Institute of Tech. – Cambridge, MA
Double Major in Computer Science and Art and Design, minor in Music
coursework: Computer Systems (Rivest), Artificial Intelligence (Winston), Musical Aesthetics and Media (Machover), Computer Music Composition (Ruehr), Digital Projects (Scher), Interrogative Design Workshop (Wodiczko), Visualization (Dorsey), Holographic Imaging (Benton), Popular Culture in an Age of Media Convergence (Jenkins), Workshop in Elastic Movie Time (Davenport), Cinematic and Computational Art (Bizri), and many other computer science, art, video, and music classes

1995 – University of Florida – Gainsville, FL
Participated in the Student Science Training Program, interning at the Lab for Computer & Information Sciences & Engineering, developing novel applications of the World Wide Web

1991-1994 – Duke University – Durham, NC
Participated in the Duke Talent Identification Program, spending summers at the main campus, Duke Marine Lab, and in Costa Rica, studying ecology and economics

1992-1996 – Lake Mary High School – Orlando, FL
Graduated Suma Cum Laude in the top 1% of a class of 600. Awarded numerous distinctions including Florida Merit Scholar, National Honor Society, National Thespian Society, and first place in multiple state-wide math competitions


2001-present – EJ Enterprises Worldwide – Orlando, FL
President, Founder – brought the EJ Turntable™ and ScratchTV® from inception to market, initiated and carried out hardware/software development, prototyping, and manufacturing; built and continually manages a team of talented engineers

Winter-Summer 2002 – NetMovies – Hull, MA
Creative Developer – designed front and back end functionality for NetMovies, Napster’s offstart video-on-demand broadband service

2001/2002 – Center for Advanced Visual Studies – MIT
Research Affiliate – pursued and exhibited various projects in the realm of computational and interactive art

2001 – XLR8R Magazine – San Francisco, CA
Freelance Writer – conceive and write stories focusing on dance music and digital culture.

Summer 2000 – Zeros and Ones – Santa Monica, CA
Code Monkey – programmed interactivity for Paul Frank’s web-based animated series “Julius and Friends.” The property was nominated for Sundance Online and sold to Sony.

Summer-Fall 1999 – Epistemology and Learning Group – MIT Media Lab
Toy Maker – created Gameboy Blocks, a visual, easy to use programming language for the Nintendo Gameboy, which interfaces with Lego Mindstorms and is targeted at kids as young as six years old

Spring-Fall 1998 – Interactive Cinema Group – MIT Media Lab
Story Teller – designed and implemented back end database and front end user interface of Agent Stories, a metalinear, multiple perspective storytelling and authoring tool

Summer 1998 – Lycos – Waltham, MA
Corporate Software Tool – worked on the Lycos Quote Server, which utilizes satellite feeds to deliver real time stock quotes and other information to users on the web

Fall 1997 – News In the Future Group – MIT Media Lab
Java Flunky – redesigned and programmed the World Wide Movie Map, a project aimed at producing a constantly expanding, first-person street-level map of the entire world

Summer-Fall 1995 – NASA K-12 Internet Initiative – Cape Canaveral, FL
Web Pioneer – collaborated with a small nationwide team working to bring the studies of the airborne Kuiper Observatory into the elementary and high school classroom via the internet


October 2001 – SuperCollision – Cambridge, MA
Installed Digital Gas Mask, a real Soviet gas mask retrofitted to accept passing network traffic and visualize it in a heads-up LED display

January 2001 – FIPA – Biarritz, France
Installed Scent, a digital triptych based on the 1973 Jasper Johns painting of the same name

December 2000 – InterFlux – Cambridge, MA
Installed Permanent Shutdown, a computer with the ability to commit suicide


Deaf Freedom Cruise – Freedom of the Seas

AV Social – London, UK
The Club @ Firestone – Orlando, FL

Motorola ROKR Release Party – New York, NY
Ultra Music Festival – Miami, FL
M3 Summit Sunset Sessions – Miami, FL
Social Groove Tsunami Relief Event – Miami, FL

Deep Dish – Orlando, FL
Emergency – New York, NY
Hear & Be Heard DJ Battle – Orlando, FL
RESFEST – New York, NY
The Legend Lives On (Techniques Release Party) – Atlantic City, NJ
AVIT North America – San Francisco, CA
Machinista – Glasgow, Scotland
Beat Research – Boston, MA
Tactical Action – New York, NY
Technics 30th Anniversary – Miami, FL
Remix Hotel – Miami, FL
M3 Kick-Off – Miami, FL
Low Pro Lounge – San Francisco, CA

The Buzz – Miami, FL
2020, Modern Visual Sonic – Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
The Living Magazine – New York, NY
MassMixer – Cambridge, MA
Spectrum – Cambridge, MA
AVIT North America – Chicago, Il
eHive 23 – Boston, MA

LTJ Bukem – Cambridge, MA
XLR8R Mag 10th Anniversary BBQ – Miami, FL
Art Talk Art – Los Angeles, CA
Remix Mag Poolside Turntablism – Miami, FL
DJ Krush – Cambridge, MA
Lumen Eclipse – Cambridge, MA
Shadow Lounge – San Francisco, CA
Dimension 7 Video Salon – San Francisco, CA

Sanctuary – Melbourne, FL
eHive – Brooklyn, NY
HyperCollision – Cambridge, MA
One Nation – New York, NY
Purple Haze – Cambridge, MA
Collision III – Cambridge, MA
DNA Loft – Boston, MA
Signals & Systems – Cambridge, MA

SuperCollision – Cambridge, MA
Vorsprung Zwei – Cambridge, MA
Collision – Cambridge, MA
Vorsprung Durch Technik – Cambridge, MA


2001 – MIT Art Scholar
2001 – President, MIT Student Cable Group
2000 – President, Zeta Psi fraternity – PA chapter
1996 – Florida Merit Scholar, National Honor Society


Remix Magazine says he’s “blasting the market into 2099” and the Discovery Channel calls him “the future of dance music.” International performer, inventor, and entrepreneur, EJ K is somewhere between starving artist and media mogul. Born in Orlando, Florida, Kent was brought up on a hyperactive diet of MTV and the Internet. Relocated to Boston for a whirlwind ride through the dot-com boom, he graduated from MIT then spent an action-packed stint hacking code at the original Napster. As a DJ, he grew tired of mixing records and started to bring abstract video into his sets. One day it occurred to him, “What if you could scratch TV?” Within a few months, he had a working prototype of the world’s first MIDI Turntable, an optical system for DJing video. Billing himself as an “Experience Jockey,” he’s since performed across the US and around the globe with his signature EJ Turntable – spinning a web of music video countdown vs. dancefloor underground. Being struck by lightning on his 25th birthday catalyzed his drive to lead the evolution of music into the 21st century. An outspoken poster child of Generation E, you have to see this rising video star to believe.